About Us.

Awarded Trip Advisor 2017 Certificate of Excellence.

We had an absolute blast on the yacht! Everyone on staff is amazing and accommodating. Mac (the owner) makes you feel like family, and the food was fantastic. The snorkeling was my favorite part, I had a turtle swim right up to me. Amazing.

April G.

Our yacht cruise was by far the best thing we did during our entire vacation in Mexico. We would strongly recommend to anyone that they spend a little time with Mack his crew on H2oh Sun Cruises.

Richard M

It was exactly what we were hoping for. The yacht itself is truly stunning inside and out and designed perfectly for a large party or gathering. Everyone was super cool and accommodating, and they enjoyed everything just as much as we did. The food was also fantastic. I will be doing this again the next time I come through playa for sure.

Andrew Woodruff

Something for everyone.

Our tours are constantly changing to provide new and exciting activities for all ages and preferences.

You will experience many amazing activities during your four hour tour.

You’re in charge.

Enjoy our organic style entertainment aboard your own ship for the day. By “organic style,” you’ll truly see that as the tour goes on, it evolves however you’d like it! We may be steering the boat, but you’re in charge.

We firmly believe that “there’s one in every crowd” who really knows how to get the party started. From singing, dancing, diving exhibitions and just enjoying the wonderful sights, before your very eyes, the yacht transforms into a magical wonderland that you never want to leave.

At the end of tours we frequently have guests who don’t want to get off the boat.

We are looking forward to enjoying your company and welcoming you to our circle of friends from all around the world.

From all of us at h2oh! Sun cruises, thank you in advance for sharing your vacation with us and welcome aboard!