Cueva Vodka.

Locally produced, artisanal, small batch vodka. Made with crystal clear cenote water.

Cueva Vodka is made from 100% Organic Non GMO Sugar Cane produced by a regional cooperative and uses local spring water that is purified at the distillery.

Every private charter booked with H2Oh will receive a gift bottle of Cueva Vodka and four hand made, blown glass shot glasses.

The riviera maya’s own vodka.

Our newest partner, Cueva Distilleries, produces the first luxury, small-batch vodka in the Riviera Maya.

Their vodka is distilled four times in copper stills and charcoal filtered twenty times. It has been designed by international award winner and master distiller, Gary Kelleher.

Locally Made.

All of the ingredients are locally sourced and the distillation process happens in Akumal, right here in the Riviera Maya.

Small Batches.

Because of the quality of ingredients and distillation process, Cueva is currently producing their vodka in small batches.

The best way to get your hands on a bottle is to head out to sea with us.

Award Winning.

Cueva Vodka won SIP International Spirits Competition “Best in Class 2015” and “Consumer’s Choice Vodka 2016”

The Consumers’ Choice Award is presented to brands that demonstrate the ultimate in quality to consumers year after year. This honor is reserved for products that place, bronze or better, two consecutive years at SIP.