Frequently Asked Questions.

have any questions about our boat tours near playa del carmen?

Have any questions about our tour or the Mayan Riviera that you think others may also have had? Check out the list below!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, we have a chat window in the bottom right corner of this site where you can talk to us live, or use the contact page to get in touch. We have Skype, WhatsApp and several office and cell phones.

General Questions.

01.What safety measures do you take on your cruise?
Safety is our top priority and our staff is highly professional. At minimum, each of our snorkel guides is certified in rescue diving and most are full-fledged divemasters. They have also received extensive training in first aid, including CPR. We keep our first aid kit well stocked and carry oxygen on board.
02.Do you have snorkeling gear? Is it clean? What if I have my own?

We have tons of top quality snorkeling gear including the latest life vests which are much less restrictive and lighter weight than the traditional type you may be used to.

We sanitize all of our gear before every single tour. Walk around our boat when you arrive, and you'll see just how tidy we are!

If you have your own snorkeling gear you'd like to bring, you're more than welcome to. We can even stow it away while underway and get it for you when you're ready to hit the water.

03.How big is the boat we'll be going on?

We have several different yacht choices for you!

The Piratas de Tejas (Pirates of Texas) is a 72' custom built motor-yacht with seating for 60 passengers. She has 5 deck levels that provide excellent viewing for all our guests.

  • Los Dos Piratas is 58' and has a capacity of 48 guests.
  • Los 4 Piratas is 51' and has a capacity of 28 guests.
  • Los Tres Piratas is 47' and has a capacity of 23 guests.
  • Lil' Piratas is 37' and has a capacity of 8 guests.
04.Do you provide lifejackets for all guests?
Yes. We have enough lifejackets aboard for all passengers. While you are not required to wear one underway, it's entirely up to you. We can help you and ensure that any small children have proper lifejackets on as well.
05.Will we need towels and sunscreen?
Yes! We'll take care of the open bar, food, music, snorkel gear and everything else. All you need to bring are some towels and sun screen!
06.Can I bring my own alcohol?

There is no outside or liquor needed on tour. We have various packages for drinks aboard.

Maybe you have a special bottle of your favourite liquor or wine? Ask about our premium upgrades or check out the bottle service list here.

07.Can we buy snacks and drinks while on tour?
No need for that! Every tour comes with complimentary drinks and snacks. Day tours and private charters even come with a full, Mexican style meal.
08.Are vegetarian, vegan, or other specialty meals available?
If you have special dietary concerns, please let us know when booking and we'll accommodate you in any way possible.
09.Do you have a gluten free menu?
The meal aboard is actually already gluten free! Fire grilled chicken, Mexican style rice, beans, fresh made guacamole, freshly diced salsa, corn tortillas and chips! Nothin' gluten about it.
10.What kind of music will you be playing?

What kind of music do you want to hear? We have a huge library and the ability to connect any device to our sound system. We can plug you directly in, transmit your music via Bluetooth or even download music while we're out to sea!

Did you know we also have karaoke? With a handful of microphones piped right into our 6,000 watt sound system, you and your group can sing along to all of your favourites until you can't sing anymore!

11.Is there anywhere to shower aboard?
Several places! We have a freshwater shower off the back of the boat for anyone getting back in from snorkeling who just wants to rinse off the salt water. If you want a real-deal shower, we have two private showers inside of the cabins below deck. Remember, this is your house. Make yourself at home!
12.Can I change clothes privately anywhere?
Take your pick! We have three full sized cabins inside including two full washrooms where you can change, shower, freshen up or even lay down in to take a rest from all the action.
13.How fast can the boat go?
Good questions! We're sitting on twin diesel engines that can get our boats really going, but generally we'll cruise at around 10-12knots (that's about 14 miles per hour) to give you the most comfortable trip possible.
14.Can we fish from the boat?
Depending on which yacht. At the moment only Piratas de Tejas (our 72' flagship yacht) is set up for fishing. We have a selection of high quality fishing gear aboard. We put those sticks in the water as we set out on every tour. If you want to get more hands-on, just say so and come on down to the fishing deck, we'd love to have you involved!
15.Are children allowed on tours?
We are as kid friendly as it gets! Think about it: sea turtles, thousands of reef fish, safety gear, a happy, fun environment with great staff. The trip is so action packed your kids won't want to leave.
16.I have never been on a boat with my children, is it safe for them?
Absolutely. We would never take you out in unsafe conditions, plus our staff are prepared to manage any type of emergency. We also have life jackets for all aboard. While you're not required to wear them while aboard, you absolutely can if you'd like.

Tour Reservations.

01.Can I change my reservation?
Absolutely. Get in touch with us via any method on the Contact Us page and we'll get you sorted out right away.
02.Can I wait until I arrive in Playa del Carmen before I decide to take your tour?
Definitely. Not everyone likes to plan ahead! However, you should note now that tours are available on a first-come first-served basis, so to be sure you get a spot on a tour, it's best to book through our site as soon as possible.
03.What kind of proof of purchase will I need to show upon arrival?
We keep a list of every guest for the tour, so you really don't need to bring any proof of purchase if it's inconvenient for you. However, if you'd like you can either just show your email confirmation or print it out and bring it along to the boat!
04.How far in advance should I make a reservation?

This is entirely up to you! Coming down for a trip next year, but love to plan in advance? No problem. Are you more of a seat-of-your-pants traveller? No problem.

It should be noted that the closer to the date you wait to book the more likely it will be that a tour could be all booked up. Best practices suggest you book as soon as you know you're going to come on the tour.

05.Is the reservation process secure?
Our booking process uses TRUSTe, the leading global Data Privacy Management company. Thousands of companies use TRUSTe around the world and rely on them to keep customer data secure.
06.What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards which you can pay directly to our PayPal account. You do not need a PayPal account yourself to use your credit card and pay.

For private tours, we take deposits of 50% to hold your date and the balance in cash at the dock or by credit card 14 days before the charter date.

07.I never received a confirmation to the tour, why?
ou should automatically receive a confirmation and receipt of the transaction upon booking. If you have not, please check your spam folder. If it is neither in your spam folder or inbox, please contact us and we'll send you one manually.
08.I can't seem to book online. Can I just call you?
We can absolutely help you over the phone as well and process your tour request. All of our contact information is listed here on our Contact Us page.
09.How do I get to the boat?

For an additional $15 per person, you can add on round-trip transportation from anywhere in the Mayan Riviera. This is arranged through a transportation company who has given us their wholesale rate of $15. We take $0 profit and add $0 to the cost. Our job is to make this as relaxing and easy for you as possible. Your job is to get on this boat and have a great time.

Riviera Maya: $15/pp round trip Cancun: $20/pp round trip Tulum: $20/pp round trip

If you're in Cancun, we'll come get you, Playa del carmen, we'll come get you, Akumal, we'll come get you, Tulum... you get the idea!

10.Can I take a Taxi or drive my own car?

You sure can! Click here for directions. The marina area is a gated community, so you will just have to tell the security there that you are going on an H2Oh Sun Cruise tour.

Prices for taxis around Playa del Carmen, Cancun and all of the Mayan Riviera can vary quite wildly. Use the latest price sheet we've provided below for some help while on vacation!

At the time of this FAQ (2017), a taxi from downtown Playa del Carmen to Puerto Aventuras should be roughly around $400pesos.


This first image shows zone numbers around Playa del Carmen. Use this to find out which zone you are in, and look to see which zone you are going to. Then, refer to the second image below...

Zone Rates

When you know which zone you are in and which zone you are going to (see image above), look below and use the main column for the zone you are in, and look down the list to see the price of the zone you are headed to.

Example: If I am in "Zona 1" and going to "Zona 5", I look at the first list on the top left titled Zona 1, and look down until I see it is $90pesos to get to Zona 5. That's the rate you should expect from the driver or try to negotiate.

These are only for within the greater Playa del Carmen area, but we hope they help!

zone rates
11.Do we need extra cash?
If you think the crew aboard did a good job and made your day, often we have guests who will want to show their appreciation in the form of a tip. This is entirely up to you and much appreciated by the crew!
12.What if I don't show up for my tour?
We do allow cancellation for a tour up to a week (seven days from departure), but if you simply do not show up, unfortunately we cannot issue a refund.
13.What happens if there is foul weather?

If there is a storm or the seas are too rough, we will cancel the tour and reschedule you or refund your tickets if there is no option for another date with you.

Often rain here is very come-and-go. It may rain for ten minutes, then the clouds will break open and sunshine comes through. Truly a Caribbean phenomenon. If there is some rain during the trip we have lots and lots of interior space on the boat to keep the party going.