51′ Los 4 Piratas.

mayan riviera yacht available for private

Step aboard Los 4 Piratas.

Los 4 Piratas is a 51′ U.S. made beauty by Sea Ray.

She can zip out to remote coastlines that would take two or three times as long on other vessels.

That means more time in the water, more time snorkelling, more time basking in the shallows and Caribbean sun.

You can go from stepping aboard, cocktails in hand, to snorkelling with reef fish and sea turtles in 20 minutes.

Or, you can head across to the island of Cozumel to the remote, private area El Cielo.

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We had an absolute blast on the yacht! Everyone on staff is amazing and accommodating. Mac (the owner) makes you feel like family, and the food was fantastic. The snorkeling was my favorite part, I had a turtle swim right up to me. Amazing.

April G.

Our yacht cruise was by far the best thing we did during our entire vacation in Mexico. We would strongly recommend to anyone that they spend a little time with Mack his crew on H2oh Sun Cruises.

Richard M

It was exactly what we were hoping for. The yacht itself is truly stunning inside and out and designed perfectly for a large party or gathering. Everyone was super cool and accommodating, and they enjoyed everything just as much as we did. The food was also fantastic. I will be doing this again the next time I come through playa for sure.

Andrew Woodruff

You’d be hard pressed to find someone that could not only match our rates and activities combined, but also offer a truly all-inclusive experience and award winning service.

All of the prices you see on this website already include taxes and have no extra charges or hidden fees whatsoever.

With us, what you see is exactly what you get.

Maximum, 28 guests aboard.

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  • $12001-15 guests
    4 Hours

    A private charter is $1200usd for 4 hours and includes 15 complimentary guests.

  • $300per hour
    Additional Hours

    $300 for each additional hour.

  • $15per person
    Additional Guests

    Each additional adult is only $15. Kids 4 and under are complimentary.

Unlimited Open Bar

The cruise with the most booze... Non-stop top up!

Snorkel & Equipment

Refresh your life, swim in the blue Caribbean.

Paddle Board

Have fun paddling around the boat and watching the ocean from a different angle.

Family Style Meal

Well fed sailors are happy sailors!


Get a little adrenaline going by jumping off the top deck.

5-Star Crew & Captain

The best of the best in Puerto Aventuras!

Unlimited Open Bar.

The cruise with the most booze... Non-stop top up! Open Bar upgrades available.

As soon as you arrive to the dock you’ll be greeted with a refreshing rum punch… from there on out, it’s non-stop choose your own adventure.

We have margaritas, strawberry and mango daiquiris, piña coladas, mixed cocktails, shots, national beers as well as plenty of water, juice and soda.

National liquors vary including vodka, tequila, whiskey, and rum. National beer is Carta Blanca.

snorkel in the clear blue caribbean.

Refresh your life, swim in the blue Caribbean.

If you haven’t thought about it before, think about it now!

You could be swimming with gentle, prehistoric sea turtles in tropical waters surrounded by reef fish.

If that wasn’t on your bucket list already, it should be now.

About 80-90% of the time when we head to the reef we get to swim with these beautiful sea turtles. 100% of the time you’ll also be surrounded by colorful and wonderful reef fish.

Family Style Meal.

Well fed sailors are happy sailors!

Every tour comes with snacks served at the beginning and a full meal for all served in the final hour of the tour.

Even though we do serve up a full meal, it’s nice to come having already eaten so you’re feeling good for all the sun, sea and fun!

Snacks: Tortilla chips with fresh made guacamole, Pico de Gallo and bean dip.

Seasoned and Fire Grilled Chicken.

If you've cruised our Trip Advisor page, I'm sure you've come across mentions of our food.

This fire grilled chicken is a complete delight to so many of our guests that we've been asked countless times for the recipe — which is kept under lock and key.

Looking for a veggie or pescetarian option? Just let us know when you book!

Fresh made Guacamole.

None of that mass produced stuff that is secretly squeezed out of packaging behind closed kitchen doors!

Every tour we make it from scratch right at the beginning for snacks as well as included in the meal.

Freshly diced Pico de Gallo.

In Mexico we do salsa a little differently. It doesn't come in sauce form from a can — it comes fresh every tour!

Diced by our private chef aboard the boat, you'll love the refreshing taste of a proper pico de gallo.

We also serve a habanero version, so keep an eye out for the bowl with the pepper in it!

Mexican Style Rice, Tortilla chips and Tortillas.

In addition to the chicken, guac and pico we serve up Mexican style rice, tortillas, tortilla chips and beans.

In Mexico, we make the tortillas and chips traditionally with finely ground corn, salt and hot water. That's all it takes for the perfect tortilla.

Our tortillas are all made fresh that same day.

The entire meal is gluten free!

All of our meals are gluten free. Whether you're looking for gluten free or not, this is how our meals have always been prepared.


Get a little adrenaline going by jumping off the top deck...

We have a built in dive platform off the second level of our yacht.

Once we drop anchor, it’s game on! Head up to the top deck, and plunge straight down into the Caribbean Blue!

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