Meet the Crew: Michael

Heyo! I manage customer service and all things digital here at H2Oh, which translates to me spending a lot of time talking with our guests and making sure they are completely taken care of.

Once a guest and I begin to talk, whether in the chat box here on the site, by phone or email — maybe it’s corny — but it feels like we’re friends, and I mean it. It’s not just business around here!

We’ll talk about suggestions for great places to eat in Playa del carmen, favourite beaches, you name it.

I live down in the Caribbean, I love it. I want you to love it. You’re coming on the best yacht tour in the region and what is very likely to be the absolute best day of your trip (wedding days excluded, of course… But, we host those too!)

Photo by Lucky Girl

My genuine belief is, “This trip is going to make your vacation.”

Sometimes guests will not get off the boat after we dock! They stay and chat with the crew, with Mack or myself.

Our guests stay like friends, because after a day at sea with us, they are. If we don’t have a tour afterwards and people are still partying? We are happy to enjoy their company and let them have another round.

A big philosophy of mine is that you are not our customer. You are our client, guest and friend.

A customer is defined as, “a person who purchases a commodity or service” while a client is, “a person who is under the protection of another.”

What this means is we aren’t here to sell you a yacht tour.

We are here to take care of you.

Sure, you may have discovered us while searching for a boat tour, but what we understand is that ultimately what you’re really looking for is an incredible day with family and friends.

Hosting that amazing day for you is our only goal, the ocean and boats just happen to be the tools we know best.

Some things I sure do enjoy...

No caption needed for this one!
A good beer and a nice cigar is all you need sometimes.
When not at sea on the 72′ Yacht, Piratas de Tejas, my wife and I have our own sailboat we cruise the Caribbean with.

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