Premium Liquor Pricing.

top shelf liquor selection for your private yacht charter.

All of our bar services, all mixers and ice are included (coke, soda water, water, tonic water, juices, margarita mixes, piña colada mixes, strawberry and mango daiquiri mixes as well as rum punch).

If you have a specialty mixer request not listed above, just let us know and we will source it for you.

Bottle Service Pricing and Selection.

For adding on a special bottle or two to your open bar package.


If you would like a specialty flavor of vodka from one of your favorite brands, mention it when you get in touch with us and we will track it down.

Ketel One is a little more difficult to find around here, but we do have plenty of Grey Goose available, which is just as smooth for those Ketel lovers


Grey Goose - $100


Absolut - $85


Stoli - $85



Captain Morgan's — $69


Havana Club 7 Years — $79


Bacardi 8 Years — $79


This is the land of tequila. If there is a special type you love, we can probably find it for you without a problem. Just let us know!


Don Julio Reposado — $85


Some scotches and various whiskies are more difficult to come by down here in the Mayan Riviera. If there’s a special brand you like, let us know and we will do our best to source it.

The selection below ranges from light and refreshing with hints of pear and oak (Glenfiddich 12) to a full bodied, strong peat (Laphroaig).

Whisky questions? Ask away. We happen to have a couple whisky fans here at H2Oh.


The Balvenie 12 Year — $140


Glenfiddich 12 Year — $100


Glenfiddich 15 Year — $140


Johnnie Walker Black — $100


Johnnie Walker Red — $69


Laphroaig 10 Year — $140



Bombay Sapphire — $85


Hendricks — $100



Moet — $100


Veuve Clicquot — $120


Dom Perignon — $400