H2Oh is now offering Covid Antigen and PCR testing with an onsite lab technician for our guests


As the world continues to face unprecedented circumstances and new regulations, H2Oh is now offering Covid Antigen and PCR testing with an onsite lab technician for our guests. We at H2Oh hold the health and well-being of our clients to the highest standard, while still curating unforgettable experiences for you.

To avoid the hassle, please schedule your appointment through your booking agent or directly with us, no less than 48-hours before your departure date. 

Your regular departure time will not change. We strongly recommend not to miss your check-in time for testing. COVID-19 tests can be difficult to source in this area, and you may not have another opportunity to find a plan B. We cannot add an extension of time for the boat to return to port. Please see below for your test check-in times. 

H2Oh highly recommends checking with your Country of residence and airline for any additional requirements, specific testing, or other documents needed.

The cost is as follows:
Covid Antigen: $1,200 MXN
PCR test(Polymerase chain reaction): $2,500 MXN

The payment of this service is payable by cash only at the dock.

Connect with our team to book your testing—one less thing to worry about.

Approximately 5-minutes per guest.

The test results will be emailed within 12-24 hours.

All guests will need to send a copy of their current passport. We will require the guest’s name (as written on their passport), along with the email associated with the guest’s name, no less than 24-hours in advance of your charter date and time. Please send in one email to hello@h2ohcruises.com with the subject line in your email to read as follows: COVD-19 Passenger Identification Date/Month/Year (of your travel date). 

You will need to bring your passport on the day of your departure so that the lab technician can verify that this is you. 

A: Group sizes for up to six guests: 30 minutes before your boarding time.

B: Group sizes of up to 11 guests: 45 minutes before your boarding time.

C: Group Sizes of up to 15 guests: 60 min before your boarding time.

D: For group sizes larger than 15 guests, please consult with your booking agent. 

Your regular departure time will not change, and your disembark time will remain as scheduled, so best to be on time to enjoy the full adventure.



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