h2oh club

H2OH Sun Cruises rewards Program

It's about you, our guests

All aboard, fellow H2OH Cruisers!

There’s nothing more that we love than creating memories with our clients, and we’d like to keep you coming back to cruise with H2OH! The H2OH Club offers rewards for repeat guests. You are automatically enrolled after your 1st H2OH charter. H2OH Club rewards are valid for all future charters. Rewards are calculated based on the cost of the yacht and any additional guests.

What’s in it for you? Dive in and find out what perks we offer for H2OH Club members below.

Members 15% DISCOUNT

Have you already dipped your toes in paradise with us? Indulge in the adventure with a 15% discount on future yacht charters with H2OH!

30% Discount

Premium Bar Upgrade? Take 30% off the regular price and enjoy unlimited top shelf liquors during your charter.

Free Deluxe Bar

Treat all of your guests with complimentary deluxe bar, at no extra cost for H2OH Club Members

zero credit card fees

H2OH Club Members are exempt from additional fees associated with credit card payment. We're happy to pick up the fee for H2OH Club members