Loyalty Program

H2OH Sun Cruises Loyalty Program

It's about you, our guests

All aboard, fellow H2OH Cruisers!

There’s nothing more that we love than creating memories with our clients, and we’d like to keep you coming back to cruise with H2OH! Our loyalty program, rewards repeat guests and referrals. Percentages are calculated based on the cost of the yacht and any additional guests, the number of yacht rentals. We also have a referral incentive program.

What’s in it for you? Dive in and find out what perks we offer for H2OH’s Loyalty Program members below.

Seafarer 5% DISCOUNT

Have you already dipped your toes in paradise with us? Indulge in the adventure with a 5% discount on your next yacht charter with us!

Yachtie 10% Discount

The third time is always a charm! Swim with a 10% discount on your next yacht charter with us.

Pirate 20% Discount

X marks the spot of treasure, and you’ve found it! Come get the gold with a 20% discount on your fourth yacht charter with us.

First Mate 5% Cash Bonus

Refer your Matey's for a sea adventure with us to receive a 5% cash bonus, directly paid to you via PayPal. Email hello@h2ohcruises.com for your personal voucher code.

Terms & Conditions

  1. If you have booked with H2OH Sun cruises directly and have cruised with us once, you are automatically eligible for our Loyalty Program. When you’re ready to book with us again, please provide us with your previous booking information for verification purposes, and off we go to sea. 
  2. All H2OH Loyalty participants must be over the age of 18. 
  3. The repeat guest must be in attendance for the day of the charter unless it is a referral. 
  4. Transport, additional extras, premium bar, or upgrades are not included in our rewards or referral program calculations. 
  5. H2OH Loyalty member will not be paid in the event of a cancellation, either by the guest or H2OH Sun Cruises. 
  6. Referral bonuses will not be paid out if the referral claims a monetary dispute with H2OH Sun Cruises. Referral Bonus will be paid 30 days from the referral’s yacht charter date via PayPal. 
  7. Bonuses for all levels do not apply to resellers, brokers, or agencies. The Loyalty Program is only for H2OH guests that have booked directly with H2OH Sun Cruises. All bonuses and Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice.