Have more questions before we set off on your yacht rental? If you’re a brand new yachty, no sweat! You’ll find all of our yacht charter FAQs and etiquette right here. Click on the contact page to drop us a line if you have more questions, and we’ll get back to you pronto.

Cancellations due to personal inconvenience will be refunded if you give us a minimum of 14 days’ notice. Any cancellations made after this holding period, unfortunately, are non-refundable.

Our tours are generally booked for two months, five months, or even a year in advance. With such short notice, we will have an almost impossible task of filling the time slot we’ve been holding for you.

Please read our full cancellation policy here.

We are located at the Puerto Aventuras Marina, roughly a 45-minute drive north of Tulum, 25-minutes south of Playa del Carmen, and 1 hr and 45-50 minutes from Cancun. Head to this easy-to-follow google map here to find us if you are coming with your own transportation. Or visit out Getting here page for all your transportation options. 

Whether you have your transport organized by an outside provider or have a rental car, head over to Getting Here, and for those driving, there is plenty of free parking on the street. We offer private transport services too, have a look here. If you have organized transportation with us, please be aware that drivers can not wait any longer than 10 minutes from your scheduled pick-up time. 

Please arrive 20 minutes before your departure time to ensure that our crew can help check you in and go through safety measures. Our departure and return times are strict. And while we understand mishaps, being fashionably late for your yacht departure time doesn’t afford you extra time out at sea as our vessels return at the scheduled time. 

The vessel will return at its regular scheduled time. 

All online waivers must be signed 48 hours in advance of your departure date, not the day of. Signing the digital waivers at the dock will delay your departure time. Guests must check-in 20 minutes before the tour departure time. Each guest must sign the waiver for themselves and sign on behalf of a minor.

The price is all-inclusive and includes the following on all yacht charters excluding Piratas de Tejas Too

  • A fantastic, fully licensed crew and Captain
  • Standard open bar including water, juices, and sodas
  • A specially catered meal of seasoned, fire-grilled chicken accompanied with tortillas, tortilla chips, freshly made guacamole, traditional Mexican beans, rice, fresh salsa, and additional sauces 
  • Bluetooth available and access to Spotify to enjoy your own music or playlist
  • Swimming and access to paddleboards
  • Select vessels include Karaoke* 

Tips are not included but appreciated. 

*Not all of our yacht charters have this feature, be sure to check or ask our team before choosing your yacht

The following fees must be paid separately on-site upon arrival when you arrive at the Marina. They are not payable through H2Oh Sun Cruises. 

The total fee is USD $20.00 or MXN $400.00 per person, as is broken down as follows: 

  • Puerto Aventuras Marina entrance fee: USD $16.00 or MXN $320.00 per person 
  • Conanp fee (“Commission of National Protected Areas.”: USD $4.00 or MXN $80.00 per person.

Are you paying by card? No problem, but a processing fee of 3.5% is applied

  • A towel if you would like to go swimming and your swim gear
  • ECO-FRIENDLY sunscreen (if it is a spray, be sure to apply it before boarding their vessels so as not to slip)
  • A sarong, light jacket, or scarf as sometimes it can be a little chilly with the wind
  • Sunglasses (a no-brainer!)
  • We have a Bluetooth system, so feel free to load your iPod or phone with your music if you want to have your tunes!
  • Hat: be prepared that it can get very windy, so make sure you have a hat that is secure if needed

These perhaps the most important yacht charter FAQs, so please read this one thoroughly!

At H2OH, we’re a family, and we welcome you into ours. Please treat our yachts as if they were your home. At home, you probably wouldn’t step on couches, break things, throw garbage around, kick things around. Our crew is there to cater to you, so please treat our yacht’s and our crew kindly!

NO SHOES: Our decks are made of sensitive material, so shoes of any kind are not allowed on the deck. Upon boarding, we collect your footwear and safely store them away to return to you once your tour is over. No stiletto heels, ladies!

NOT YOUR TYPICAL BANO: A marine toilet is NOT like a standard household toilet. It’s constructed with smaller pipes and has a lot more bends. Please do not put any products or toilet paper down the toilet. The system cannot process these materials and will result in the loss of the use of the guest toilets. If this happens and the tour is cut short, we will not be responsible for issuing refunds, and you may be charged a damage fee.

SMOKING RULES: Regular cigarettes are allowed in our smoking areas- but NO Shisha, Hookah pipes, or other “kinds” of smokeable substances are allowed. If our crew is made aware of this, the items will be confiscated, and the tour will be canceled effective immediately, and we will return you to the Marina. By law, we are required to report these situations to the police, so we ask you to respect this guideline to fully enjoy your tour with us. Keep the fun above-board, pun intended!

No sexual misconduct of any kind is permitted, nor drunk and disorderly behaviour or use of illegal substances while on board with us. If our crew is made aware of this, the tour will be canceled effective immediately and you will be returned to the Marina and escorted off the property. By law, we’re required to enlist the help of police officials if necessary.

The moment you’re on board, the Captain has ALL authority. Please pay attention to when the Captain & Crew speak, and don’t be afraid to raise any concerns you may have. Your safety is our top priority here at H2OH Sun Cruises!

H2Oh Sun Cruises supply all alcoholic beverages. We are not permitted to allow outside alcohol on board. The legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, so no persons under 18 are allowed to consume while on board with us. Upgrade your all-inclusive standard bar by checking out our premium bar and bottle service.

You are, of course, allowed to bring water and any snacks you wish; however, remember that all of our yacht charters have a meal included! A specially catered meal of seasoned, fire-grilled chicken accompanied with tortillas, tortilla chips, freshly made guacamole, traditional Mexican beans, rice, fresh salsa, and additional sauces. 

Want an extra special gastronomic experience? We offer private Chef services, too! Click the chat button, or email us at [email protected] for more information. 

DJ’S & MUSIC: Per Puerto Aventuras ByLaws, DJs are not permitted in the Party Cove and can only be utilized at the Reef. This outside vendor fee is $350.00 USD. And remember that our vessels have Bluetooth so that anyone can play DJ!

We can book you an amazing DJ to keep the tunes pumping all day long, though; email [email protected] for more information.

PHOTOGRAPHER: We love to capture your special moment on camera, and H2OH Sun Cruises has some great photographers on hand. However, If you’d like to bring your favorite photographer, please be advised that there is an additional $150.00 USD vendor fee. Find the price to book a photographer through us here or email us too.

Guests are responsible for their belongings while on board with us. We are not held accountable for any lost items left on our yachts. Remember to check all areas before your adventure ends! H2Oh is not responsible for shipping any found items back, as the courier process is not entirely reliable and takes a very long time, and we do not ship collect either.

The Puerto Aventuras Marina is a NO commercial, JetSki Zone. We do not offer this service.