Get the lowdown so you’re all caught up on what to know!

Almost everyone and their uncle have been to Mexico and have a good grasp on how to navigate social norms and avoid situations. H2OH is here to bust some common misconceptions and offer you real Mexico facts.

1. No hablas Español? No problem!

Here’s something we bet you didn’t know. Mexico does not have an official language!

2. Waiter, is this tap water?

The myth that restaurants, taco stands, and beach bars use tap water for clients that want just a plain glass of water (which basically all over Mexico is not to be drunk). Myth: busted. It would be surprising if anyone here in Mexico doesn’t know that tap water in this country is undrinkable, and all places provide filtered water from either private water brands or from corporations like Bonafont or Cristal. Don’t worry, brushing your teeth with tap water isn’t that harmful, just be sure not to swallow it.

3. Burritos & “Tex-Mex” food

Whether you’re vegetarian or you dive into the Pastor or Carne Asada on your trips to Mexico, please know that it’s not just about tacos and burritos here! Tex-Mex burritos and other food-based stereotypes give Mexican cuisine a terrible rap (find out in next week’s post on the best restaurants in Tulum). Mexican cuisine is perhaps one of the most beautiful elements of this diverse country, but don’t just take our word for it! Check out the gastronomic delights and differences here.

4. It’s super cheap to live here!

If you’re someone who’s not into splurging, then perhaps, yes, it’s cheap for you to live here. But this isn’t the case for most ex-patriots and Mexican nationals! Quintana Roo has over the last several years become a fairly expensive state in Mexico to live in. With many condo’s or multi-room houses put on the Air BnB market, the standard rent and cost of living has increased. Just a decade ago, $50 USD could make you feel like a king: there was no end to how many shots of tequila and tacos you could get with that fee. Today, this is perhaps 1 drink per person and 2 small shared plates, depending on what restaurant you visit.

5. The burning question.. is Mexico dangerous?

This is a complex question to answer. While it’s true that Mexico is often labeled as a dangerous country, this really only applies to just a few regions of this country. The world itself is a dynamic ecosystem of crooked politics and crime, making all the countries of our world dangerous in their unique ways. New York is a dangerous city in some areas, but that does not dim the fact that it’s still an amazing place filled with beautiful spots to go to and things to do. The same is with Mexico! Wherever you go in the world, even in your own hometown, the best thing you can do is make safe choices and be a responsible human being.

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