Tulum, once a tranquil haven renowned for its pristine beaches and mysterious Mayan ruins, has seamlessly evolved into a dazzling entertainment hub. A shining gem in its glittering crown is its burgeoning luxury casino scene. Seamlessly weaving its rich history and natural charm with the thrill of gaming, the best Casinos in Tulum offer a one-of-a-kind experience that beckons both avid gamblers and leisure travelers. Ready to embark on this unexpected journey through Tulum’s gaming paradise? Let’s set the dice rolling!

Does Tulum Mexico have casinos? Why Visit Tulum for Casinos?

Yes, Tulum has one of the best casinos in the world! Tulum offers a unique blend of tranquility and thrill. Imagine walking out of a casino with the sound of waves crashing in the background. Exciting, right? It’s not just about the games; it’s the whole package of luxury, nature, and culture. And the best part is that you can explore these casinos by booking a Tulum boat charter by H2OH!

A Brief History of Casinos in Tulum

While Tulum’s history traces back to the ancient Mayan civilization, its casino culture is relatively young. The late 20th century saw tourists flocking to the region, and with them came the demand for entertainment. The evolution was organic and today, Tulum stands proud with several luxury casinos.

Top Casinos in Tulum

Tulum, a destination known for its serene beaches and awe-inspiring Mayan ruins, is gradually gaining traction as a casino lover’s paradise. The town has witnessed the growth of numerous luxury casinos that not only cater to the hardcore gamer but also to the casual tourist looking for some high-quality entertainment. You can book a private yacht in Mexico to explore these amazing casinos. Let’s explore some of the top-notch Casinos in Tulum.

1) Casino La Playa

Location: Central Tulum Beach


Beachfront Gaming: Casino La Playa offers gaming tables right on the beach. Imagine trying your luck with a fresh sea breeze caressing your face!

Variety of Games: From classic card games like poker and blackjack to modern slot machines, there’s something for everyone.

Beach Bar: Enjoy tropical cocktails as you take a break from gaming.

2) Tulum Royale Casino

Location: Near Tulum National Park


Eco-Friendly: Tulum Royale is built with sustainable materials, reflecting Tulum’s eco-conscious ethos.

Mayan Inspired Interiors: The interiors are adorned with Mayan art and motifs, providing a unique gaming atmosphere.

Exclusive VIP Lounges: For those who want a more private and luxurious gaming experience.

3) El Castillo Gaming Lounge

Location: Close to the El Castillo ruins


Historical Ambiance: Named after the iconic Tulum ruin, this casino integrates historical elements into its design.

Rooftop Gaming: Offers a gaming experience on the rooftop with panoramic views of the surrounding ruins and the ocean.

Nightly Entertainment: Apart from gaming, there are nightly shows, including traditional Mayan dances and contemporary performances.

4) Maya Jackpot Junction

Location: Downtown Tulum


24/7 Gaming: This casino operates round the clock, ensuring gaming enthusiasts can play anytime.

Gourmet Dining: Houses some of the best restaurants in Tulum, offering a variety of international cuisines.

Live Sports Screening: For sports lovers, there’s a section dedicated to live sports screenings with betting options.

Each of these casinos reflects Tulum’s unique blend of history, nature, and luxury. Whether you’re looking to try your luck, indulge in some fine dining, or simply soak in the ambiance, Tulum’s top casinos have got you covered. So next time you’re in Tulum, don’t just stick to the beaches and ruins; let the roll of the dice add some excitement to your trip!

5) Casino La Playa

Location: Central Tulum Beach

Description: Casino La Playa merges the ambiance of a serene beach with the thrill of gaming. Guests can indulge in classic card games while listening to the rhythmic sounds of crashing waves. The casino’s beach bar serves tropical cocktails, ensuring players are refreshed as they play.


  1. Beachfront gaming offers a serene backdrop of crashing waves.
  2. The tropical beach bar ensures guests stay refreshed with signature cocktails.

6) Tulum Royale Casino

Location: Near Tulum National Park

Description: A bastion of luxury, the Tulum Royale Casino showcases an eco-friendly architectural marvel. The interiors resonate with Tulum’s history, adorned with Mayan art and motifs. The exclusive VIP lounges offer privacy for those seeking a high-stakes game.


  1. An eco-friendly establishment echoing Tulum’s commitment to the environment.
  2. Mayan-inspired interiors transport players to a different era.

7) El Castillo Gaming Lounge

Location: Close to the El Castillo ruins

Description: This casino stands as a testament to Tulum’s rich history. Drawing inspiration from the nearby ruins, the casino offers a blend of historical ambiance with modern gaming. Its rooftop gaming experience offers panoramic views of the ruins and ocean.


  1. Proximity to the El Castillo ruins provides a rich historical ambiance.
  2. A unique rooftop gaming experience with panoramic views.

8) Maya Jackpot Junction

Location: Downtown Tulum

Description: This round-the-clock operational casino is a hotspot for gaming enthusiasts. From slot machines to poker rooms, it offers a wide array of games. The in-house restaurants serve gourmet meals, turning a gaming night into a lavish dining experience.


  1. Open 24/7, ensuring non-stop gaming thrills.
  2. Gourmet dining options for when you need a lavish break from the tables.

9) Riviera Luxe Casino Resort

Location: Northern Tulum Coast, you can easily reach here by taking a Riviera Maya boat rental by H2OH!

Description: More than just a casino, Riviera Luxe is a full-fledged resort. Guests can stay in ocean-view suites, bask in the sun on private beaches, and indulge in spa services after a thrilling day at the gaming tables.


  1. An all-inclusive resort experience with luxury ocean-view suites.
  2. Private beaches and extensive spa facilities.

10) Tulum Treasure Casino

Location: Southern Tulum

Description: Perfect for families, this casino has games catering to all age groups. The kids’ gaming zone ensures the little ones are entertained, while adults try their luck at more traditional games.


  1. A family-friendly environment with diverse games for all age groups.
  2. Dedicated kids’ gaming zones ensure even the youngest visitors are entertained.

11) Aztec Gold Casino

Location: West Tulum Outskirts

Description: A delightful fusion of the old and the new, Aztec Gold Casino offers traditional card games along with digital slots, all while immersing players in an environment reminiscent of ancient civilizations.


  1. Traditional gaming tables mixed with modern digital slots.
  2. Interiors and themes resonated with ancient civilizations.

What to Expect in Tulum Casinos

Tulum, primarily known for its historical ruins and idyllic beaches, has been steadily emerging as a sought-after destination for casino enthusiasts. But what sets Tulum’s casino scene apart from the rest? What can visitors expect when they step into these luxury gaming establishments? Let’s dive in.

1. A Blend of Tradition and Modernity:

Casinos near Tulum masterfully incorporate the town’s rich Mayan heritage into their design and themes. While the architecture and interior designs often echo historical motifs, the gaming facilities are top-notch, offering a plethora of modern digital and classic table games.

2. Eco-conscious Gaming:

Staying true to Tulum’s reputation for sustainability, several casinos prioritize eco-friendliness. Expect to see solar-powered facilities, sustainable building materials, and a strong emphasis on reducing waste.

3. Gourmet Culinary Experiences:

Tulum’s gastronomic scene is world-renowned, and its casinos are no exception. Many establishments house fine dining restaurants, offering a fusion of local and international cuisines, prepared by celebrated chefs. Pair your meal with a signature cocktail for a truly indulgent experience.

4. Diverse Gaming Options:

From high-stake poker games to digital slot machines, Tulum’s casinos cater to a wide spectrum of gamers. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice eager to try your luck, there’s a game awaiting you.

5. Beachfront Gaming:

Imagine playing your favorite casino game with the sound of waves in the background and a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. Several casinos in Tulum offer this unique beachfront gaming experience, merging relaxation with excitement.

6. Nightly Entertainment:

The fun doesn’t stop once you step away from the gaming tables. Many casinos in Tulum offer nightly entertainment, ranging from traditional Mayan dance performances to contemporary live music shows. It’s not just about gaming; it’s a holistic entertainment experience.

Does Tulum Have Gambling Casinos?

It does not have any large-scale gambling casinos like you’d find in places such as Las Vegas or Macau. The ambiance in Tulum is more focused on relaxation, nature, and cultural experiences.

However, gambling is legal in Mexico, and there are casinos in other parts of the country, particularly in larger cities and tourist-heavy areas. While Tulum is renowned for its tranquil setting, those seeking casino entertainment would likely need to travel to larger cities like Cancún or Playa del Carmen, which are relatively close and offer a range of casino experiences.

Can You Use American Money in Tulum?

Yes, in Tulum, as in many tourist-heavy destinations in Mexico, American dollars (USD) are often accepted at hotels, restaurants, shops, and other tourist-oriented businesses. However, there are some points to consider if you plan on using American money in Tulum:

  1. Exchange Rate: Establishments that accept USD might use a less favorable exchange rate compared to local banks or currency exchange offices. This means you could end up paying slightly more for goods and services when paying directly with dollars.
  2. Change: Even if a business accepts USD, they might give you change back in Mexican pesos (MXN). It’s helpful to carry smaller denominations of USD to avoid complications with getting change.
  3. Local Businesses: Smaller local businesses, street vendors, or transportation services might only accept Mexican pesos. It’s advisable to have some local currency on hand for such instances.
  4. ATMs: If you need to withdraw money, most ATMs in Tulum dispense Mexican pesos. However, some might offer the option to withdraw in USD, often with an added fee.
  5. Currency Exchange: Consider exchanging a portion of your money into Mexican pesos upon arrival or at reputable currency exchange outlets for a more favorable rate and to be prepared for all transaction scenarios.

Wrapping Up

As the sun sets over Tulum, casting a golden hue over its ancient ruins and shimmering beaches, the city’s casinos come alive with fervor and excitement. Combining Tulum’s inherent tranquility with the adrenaline rush of gaming, these luxury establishments promise not just a chance to try one’s luck, but an immersive experience that’s undeniably Tulum in essence. From the echoing laughter over a game of cards to the soft clinking of cocktail glasses, every moment here becomes a cherished memory. So, as you plan your next escape to this coastal gem, remember, that Tulum holds many aces beyond its famed beaches – are you game?