Embarking on a solo journey can be a thrilling adventure. It provides a unique sense of freedom, self-discovery, and the opportunity to immerse oneself in a new culture at their own pace. Among the many vibrant destinations around the globe, Mexico shines brightly as a solo traveler’s dream. Offering a brilliant mix of rich history, varied landscapes, tantalizing culinary delights, and a warm, welcoming culture, Mexico creates the perfect stage for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery. In this article, we delve into some of the best Mexico tourist places for solo travelers that they must add to their bucket lists, providing a checklist to ensure a memorable and safe travel experience.

Is Mexico Good for a Solo Trip?

The beauty of solo travel lies in freedom and self-discovery. Mexico offers a perfect blend of new experiences, adventure, and relaxation.

1) Cultural Experiences

From the tribes to the beaches, the culture of Mexico is very rich. Here you can experience so much, thanks to the rich history of the area.

2) Food

Mexican cuisine is a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. From the famous tacos to the less-known chiles en nogada, the country is a food lover’s paradise.

3) Music & Dance

Mexican music and dance are vibrant and full of life. Experiencing a traditional mariachi band or learning a few salsa steps will definitely enrich your trip.

4) Natural Landscapes

Mexico’s natural landscapes are diverse and stunning. You can explore several picturesque areas.

5) Beaches

From the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, Mexico is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. You can explore these amazing beaches on a yacht charter from Mexico!

6) Mountains & Forests

Lush forests, towering mountains, and fascinating wildlife are found in Mexico’s interior, particularly in its national parks.

7) Wildlife

From sea turtles to monarch butterflies, Mexico is a biodiversity hotspot. Eco-tourism is an excellent way to enjoy this natural beauty responsibly.

Can a Woman Travel to Mexico City Alone?

Absolutely, a woman can travel to Mexico City alone. Like many other major cities in the world, Mexico City is a popular destination for solo female travelers due to its vibrant culture, vast history, and wide range of attractions.

However, like any other travel destination, it is essential to take precautions to ensure personal safety. Here are some tips for solo female travelers visiting Mexico City:

Stay in Safe Neighborhoods: Mexico City is a vast metropolis with various neighborhoods. Areas like Polanco, Roma, and Condesa are known for being safe, full of amenities, and well-frequented.

Plan Your Day: Try to plan your day in advance so that you know where you’re going. Google Maps and local guides can be invaluable resources.

Use Reputable Transportation: Opt for registered taxis or reliable ride-sharing apps like Uber, which are safer alternatives, particularly during the night.

Stay Connected: Ensure you have a way to communicate or access the internet. A local SIM card can provide you with a lifeline in case of emergencies.

Dress Appropriately: While Mexico City is quite cosmopolitan, it’s wise to dress modestly, especially when visiting local markets or religious sites.

Trust Your Instincts: Always trust your gut feeling. If a situation or place feels off, it’s better to remove yourself from it.

Check-In Regularly: Regularly let someone know where you are, where you’re staying, and what your plans are.

Learn Basic Spanish: Knowing basic Spanish phrases can come in handy, especially in situations where English might not be widely spoken.

Remember, most people you’ll meet will be warm and friendly and will be more than happy to help if you need assistance. Happy travels!

10 Best Places In Mexico To Travel Alone

Embarking on a journey through Mexico is akin to stepping into a kaleidoscope of experiences. Each destination presents its own distinctive flavor of adventure, culture, history, and natural beauty. From vibrant cities brimming with art and architecture to serene beach towns steeped in ancient Mayan history, each stop offers a unique tapestry of experiences. So, let’s dive into our top picks for the best solo travel destinations in Mexico, setting you on the path to your next unforgettable adventure.

1. Mexico City


Mexico City, the heart and soul of Mexico, is an excellent place for solo travelers. With its bustling cityscape, world-class museums, beautiful parks, and scrumptious street food, there’s always something to discover.


As with any major city, personal safety is important. Stick to populated areas, especially after dark, and keep a watchful eye on your belongings. With these precautions, Mexico City can be a secure and enjoyable destination.

2. Guanajuato


Guanajuato, with its winding streets, colorful houses, and underground tunnels, is a world of its own. The city’s history is everywhere, from the La Valenciana mine to the mummy museum.


Guanajuato is generally safe for solo travelers, thanks to its small size and friendly community. As always, it’s important to stay vigilant and avoid wandering alone at night.

3. Oaxaca


Oaxaca offers an intoxicating mix of indigenous culture, art, and gastronomy. Don’t miss the chance to try traditional Oaxacan dishes or the famous mezcal.


Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s safest states. However, it’s recommended to stay in the city center and be cautious during night hours.

4. Merida


Merida, known as the white city, is famous for its colonial architecture and Mayan history. Its vibrant music scene and local markets make it an ideal destination for solo travelers.


Merida is considered one of the safest cities in Mexico. However, as a solo traveler, it’s always wise to remain aware of your surroundings and stay in well-lit areas.

5. Tulum


Tulum is a unique blend of pristine beaches, ancient ruins, and hipster vibes. Don’t miss the chance to explore the Mayan ruins and the beautiful Tulum National Park. With the help of puerto morelos boat rental, you can easily explore the beauty of Tulum!


Tulum is considered safe for tourists. However, it’s always a good idea to be careful with personal belongings and avoid isolated areas.

6. Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta offers beautiful beachfront, bustling nightlife, and a thriving arts scene. The Malecon boardwalk is a must-visit.


Puerto Vallarta is generally safe for solo travelers, but it’s advisable to avoid less busy areas late at night and to secure your belongings.

7. Puebla


Puebla, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is known for its stunning architecture, colorful streets, and incredible culinary scene. The Biblioteca Palafoxiana, a historic library, is a must-see.


While Puebla is largely safe, tourists are advised to be aware of their surroundings and avoid traveling alone at night.

8. Queretaro


Queretaro is an enchanting city, known for its well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture. Its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Queretaro is considered one of the safest cities in Mexico. As always, maintaining a healthy level of caution is advised.

9. San Miguel de Allende


San Miguel de Allende is a cosmopolitan city with a strong arts scene, cobblestone streets, and colonial architecture. The El Jardin square and the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel are must-see spots.


San Miguel de Allende is safe for solo travelers. However, like anywhere else, it’s important to be cautious, particularly during the evening and night.

10. Cancun


Cancun is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and vibrant nightlife. The Mayan ruins of Tulum are just a short trip away.


Cancun is considered safe for tourists. However, visitors should stay in tourist zones, avoid secluded areas, and be cautious during night hours.

Travel Tips for Solo Travelers in Mexico

Mexico is a traveler’s paradise, but like any country, it has its own set of customs and norms that visitors should be aware of. Below are a few key tips to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and memorable solo travel experience in Mexico.

  1. Stay Connected: Make sure to have a reliable way to communicate. Buying a local SIM card upon arrival can be a cost-effective option. It’s also important to inform someone reliable about your travel itinerary and check in periodically.
  2. Pack Light: Packing light is key to a hassle-free travel experience. Make sure to include versatile clothing items that can adapt to Mexico’s diverse climates. Don’t forget essentials like sunscreen, a hat, comfortable walking shoes, and a water bottle.
  3. Learn Some Spanish: While English is widely spoken in tourist areas, knowing basic Spanish phrases can greatly enhance your travel experience and help you connect with locals.
  4. Try Local Cuisine: Mexican cuisine is a world of its own. Be brave and try local delicacies, but also ensure that the food is fresh and the establishment is clean to avoid any foodborne illnesses.
  5. Use Public Transportation: Public transportation in Mexico is well-developed and affordable. Buses, colectivos (shared vans), and taxis are readily available in most cities. However, always ensure the transportation is licensed and reputable.
  6. Respect Local Culture: Mexicans are known for their warmth and hospitality. Respect their local customs and traditions, and you’ll likely be treated the same.
  7. Stay Healthy: Mexico can be hot, so stay hydrated and use sun protection. It’s also generally advised not to drink tap water; instead, opt for bottled water.
  8. Be Aware of Your Surroundings: As a solo traveler, always be aware of your surroundings, especially at night or in less touristy areas. Stick to well-lit and populated areas and keep your belongings secure.
  9. Travel Insurance: Before leaving, ensure you have travel insurance that covers any medical expenses, trip cancellation, and loss of belongings.
  10. Enjoy and Immerse Yourself: The most important tip is to enjoy every moment. Travel is about exploration and new experiences. Be open, be curious, and immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant culture of Mexico.

Each of these tips aims to enhance your travel experience and help you make the most of your solo adventure in Mexico.

Wrapping Up

Solo travel in Mexico offers a rich tapestry of experiences, brimming with culture, nature, history, and adventure. From the buzzing metropolis of Mexico City to the serene beaches of Cancun, the cultural depths of Oaxaca to the historical significance of Guanajuato, every destination presents its unique charm and character. Traveling alone might seem intimidating initially, but with adequate preparation and a spirit of adventure, it can open the door to incredible self-discovery and unforgettable memories. Remember, every journey starts with a single step. Take that step today and make Mexico your next solo travel destination. Have an enriching journey, full of fantastic experiences that you’ll cherish forever!

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