stay in the know and read up on our yacht charter trends!

 The tides are turning for the better, and we at H2OH Sun Cruises are back with good news! Check out all you need to know on yacht charter trends for this season.

H2OH has been able to operate again at reduced capacities, with COVID-safety measurements implemented. Mexico is an accessible destination for USA travellers due to the lower COVID restrictions, and we’ve had some amazing clients on our yachts. From a few famous people, wonderful families and friends coming together and enjoying beautiful days out at sea with us, it’s been business as usual on our yachts. So we’ve decided to fill you in on our yacht charter trends to keep you in the know.

The hot thing to do became yacht rentals for those seeking freedom, fresh air, and tropical elements. Last-minute adventurers were booking yachts on a whim, cruising the very next day. H2OH is excellent at pulling together last minute yacht charters, but booking in advance is always the way to go. Of course you want the cream of the crop, so stay on top of yacht charter trends as the winter season has us booked up daily!

So what are the yacht trends you should keep tabs on?

With the world finding a new normal, we’re seeing clients plan ahead which yacht they want and booking in advance from out 3 months to a year out. Many of these folks are on top of our yacht charter trends and do their research well in advance. And so though we always try our best to accommodate last-minute yacht rentals, we do encourage you to book ahead!

Our yacht Pura Vida has been a popular choice amongst clients. And did you know that with the latest COVID Capacity updates (80%), H2OH has the highest permitted capacity of any yacht in all of Puerto Aventuras. This yacht trends the most when it comes to larger groups.

If you book in advance, this usually guarantees that you’ll get to rent the yacht of your choice. Think of it as like booking your vacation spot. You wouldn’t wait last minute to do so, right? You’ll want the best place and best cabana or room (budget-friendly, ideally), and that rarely happens when you try and book it a week before.

Our team also wants the time to spend with you so that we can provide you with the quality service that you deserve. What makes our yacht rental company special are the unique perks that you can add to your experience with us: premium bottle service, birthday cakes, top-tier customer service and so much more.

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