Skip the street tacos and check out our list of the best restaurants in Tulum

In this delicious selection, we’ve included some well-known restaurants here in Tulum and a few secret ones too!

Verdant Tulum

It’s all about eco-friendly experiences! Verdánt blends sustainability with flavor as a stunning restaurant tucked away in Tulum. They have transformed their backyard area into a beautiful herb and vegetable garden. In every sense, they are farm to table! Your dinner here will without a doubt be one of the best on your trip. Founded by the talented Chef Maya Scales who helped to open Arca, along with Chef Benjamin Coe.


Hartwood is in a league of its own in terms of crafting gastronomic delights. This is because their dishes change daily as they utilize seasonal ingredients and produce sourced around the Yucatán. How they create dishes in alignment with what sea and land provide is an artform!


Atila is a new Yucatán Brasserie on the beach road of Tulum. They’ve crafted an amazing menu that is married with their selections of natural wines and is affectionally dubbed as the little sister of Arca. Noma Chef Jose Luis Hinostroza both here and at Arca craft you some of the most elevated dishes found in Tulum.


This charming “secret garden” restaurant offers a laid-back ambiance. Their delicious menu of classic Mexican cuisine celebrates the gastronomic excellence of the Yucatán. Cenzóntle is located in the slightly posh Hotel Zone of Tulum but keeps it casual and family-friendly.


Another hub that local Tulumer’s and tourists adore! Arca’s venue and food delight all of the senses. Noma Chef Jose Luis Hinostroza is a partner and Head Chef here, too. Sorry vegan or vegetarian lovers, Arca’s bone marrow is perhaps one of their best dishes. Make sure to try their house cocktail, the Har Mar!

La Pizzine

This space is a restaurant, cafe, and co-working space rolled into one. La Pizzine is for the “digital nomad” who wants to post up from morning till night. Located in a cute neighborhood of Tulum, this multifaceted venue is not to be missed. If you can’t tell by their name, they do make fabulous pizzas!


Cetlí epitomizes the elements of Mexico, and Mexican cuisine. Their menu offers a selection of some well-known Mexican dishes, and as well ancient recipes only a true connoisseur of Mexico knows of. Cetlí brings to life what we love the most about food: flavour and presentation.

Habitas- Moro

While “hotel food” is usually sub-par, the restaurant Moro in Habitas will leave your tastebuds in complete surprise. The Habitas hotel itself represents the natural beauty of Tulum, and Moro’s amazing food does too. Moro is an open-air restaurant. The music, food, and atmosphere of Habitas will leave you wanting to come back again.

Il Bacaró

Italian food? When I’m in Mexico? Absolutely. Il Bacaró is a lovely Italian restaurant and Pizzaria in the heart of Tulum. And we know what you’re thinking- their wine is fantastic! From authentic Nocci to everyone’s favorite- lasagna- Il Bacaró fills you up with the best food just like your Nona’s homecooked meal.

Las Hijas de la Tostada

Of course, we have to include at least one spot for the best ceviche in Tulum! Las Hijas de la Tostada sources only the best seafood and meat on the market, and one can taste the love they put into creating their delicious meals.

We hope you have an amazing gastronomic experience from these stellar restaurants we’ve suggested. We can cater beautiful meals for your yacht cruise, too! Email to find out more.