Welcome to the ultimate destination for tourists set against the sandy beaches of Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is well known for being a destination with picturesque beaches and a mysterious past, and its cuisine not only appeals to locals and tourists but is also the main choice for something tasty. In this article, we discuss restaurants in Tulum on the beach that are the shining stars of the beach, providing a food experience that you will never find anywhere else. While each has unique takes on Thai and Mexican cuisine, they guarantee you will enjoy a memorable meal with an unbelievable ocean panorama.

Top 6 Restaurants in Tulum on the Beach

#1 Mezzanine Thai Restaurant & Bar

Mezzanine is a part of Tulum beach restaurants that has quietly been serving delicious, well-balanced dishes in Tulum for about two decades. Mise en place – technique-wise choice of fresh herbs, spices, and coconut milk – determines the product’s authentic quality. Creating a selection of menus from breakfast to brunch, dinner, lunch, and drinks, and with different dietary preferences such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, the restaurant offers a variety of options. Health and nutrient-dense are the main areas of focus, staying true to Asian and Thai cooking traditions. It offers services like reservations, outdoor seating, parking, and a full bar serving alcohol, as well as Wi-Fi and credit card acceptance. Customers may experience live music at the Mezzanine Place and Table service overlooking the Waterfront.

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#2 La Zebra Beach Restaurant and Bar

Close to the breathtaking beachfront of Tulum, La Zebra features a lively dining room, which now is a treasured place for both locals and tourists. Whether it’s a couple looking for a little romance or families curious to have a unique dining experience, there’s a warm place for everyone here. Chef Eleazar Bonilla conducts a symphony of genuine Mexican-style flavours through his dishes, combining the vast array of indigenous edibles increasing in Mexico. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a culinary voyage through Mexico with the Chef’s Table experience, an evening with tempting dishes and cultural immersion.

#3 Mi Amor Restaurant

Feel the essence of Mexican coastal cuisine at Mi Amor Hotel & Spa’s Restaurant & Bar, where chef José Luis Hinostroza takes Mexico’s old classics and blends them with a contemporary tasting note. From a bounty of fresh seafood to ceremonial gourmet dishes, choosing any meal will give you an incredible culinary experience. Join in on a mixologist, Jasper Soffer’s masterpieces, like the ones these creative ideas were based on, for one or even for two, with precisely the right mix of flavours to help you enjoy a romantic date. Situated in Tulum Park, the hotel gracefully welcomes the guests to the dining areas, open to the public only between 8 am and 5 pm to ensure the serenity of the environment. Their service hours and dress code policy are designed to give you a wonderful dining experience.

#4 Casa Maria

The Casa Maria cuisine is dynamic and caters to various dietary needs, namely vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. It offers a $10-36 range, allowing every diner to enjoy this experience. Dishes for breakfast, lunch, evening meal, brunch, and drinks are provided in the restaurant, where this restaurant prevails in Mexican food, Latin food, seafood, Central American food, and modems. Over the water, the restaurant presents an outstanding surrounding for the restaurant’s dinners. Features will encompass take-out, reservations, outdoor seating, parking, wheelchair accessibility, alcohol and free internet access for your convenience, credit card service, table service and more. People post about great tasting menus and drinks on social media, claiming that the hangout with exclusive ambience and kind people is their favourite! While Carlos, the friendly service team member, demonstrated how Diamante K. welcomes clients, management replied warmly, letting the guests know they are always welcome.

#5 Tseen-Ja by AZULIK

The traditional Japanese food way of life has its way of interpreting and celebrating the beauty of nature that is being virtuously expressed amid trees and the calmness of Tseen-Ja. Japanese cuisine is famous for the caring craftsmanship of expert chefs who weave rich flavours using fresh, seasonal ingredients and ancient techniques. Each morsel relished in this beautiful, restful green setting summons different sensations, evocative enough to let guests quietly note the subtleties of this exceptional cuisine. The prices range from $15 to $59; therefore, they take different budgets and people with diverse taste issues into account by providing vegetarian-friendly, nutritious and gluten-free options. Serving dinner, late-night munchies, and drinks, this spot is known for its authentic Japanese, sushi, and Asian motor. Customers are enabled by outdoor seating, a full bar, free Wi-Fi, proper ringing of orders, and polite table service, thus ensuring a satisfying dining experience.

#6 El Pez Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

El Pez Restaurant & Cocktail Bar, located in Tulum, Mexico, has been announced as temporarily closed, as Tripadvisor adds. This restaurant serves seafood dishes and is located 5.5 kilometres on Carretera Tulum, a Boca Paila from Hotel Pez. It combines traditional tacos with a pinch of a vegan approach in the menu, prices varying from $15 to $40. Notwithstanding its closing, it is one of the most rated by customers – with a 4.5 stars rating in the average of 677 reviews. Guests have enjoyed its amazing service, terrific culinary presentations and beachy feel. A reviewer may say that the staff are pleasant, the drinks are amazing, and the food isn’t bad while marvelling at the ocean views. It could be a romantic dinner or a quick lunch. Still, the surprising consistency of their customers’ compliments about the experience provided by El Pez Restaurant & mixed cocktail bar is amazing.

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Why Tourists in Tulum Should Go for a Yacht Experience

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Way Forward

Discovering Tulum Beach’s best restaurants is an enchanting taste of Mexican coastal cuisine with international fusion, giving a great diversity of eateries that will suit everyone. Whether the genuine Thai Food of Mezzanine or the cutting-edge Mexican food from La Zebra, Tulum’s beachfront restaurants will undoubtedly inspire your taste buds unexpectedly. Every single restaurant sets its mood and menu of dishes apt to attract the guests in search of variety blended into the beautiful views of the ocean.

With travellers looking for more chances to experience the best of Tulum, taking an entrepreneurial trip on the beautifully crystal clear waters with a boat rental from H2OH Sun Cruises becomes the most desirable way of exploring and relaxing.