Are you looking for a romantic sunset cruise with your beloved partner, a snorkeling excursion dotted with thrill, or a laid-back relaxing day exploring the beauty of the sea? – We will turn it into a reality in the best way possible. The pristine turquoise waters with the best beaches in Tulum spreading along the horizon will take you into a different world.

Imagine yourself cruising through this blue slice of heaven aboard your own private yacht with the gentle breeze and enchanting vibe of the sea accompanying you. At Yacht Charter Tulum, we warmly welcome you to dive into the tranquil luxury and comfort as you sail across the mystic waters.

Our range of sincerely maintained yachts equipped with excellent amenities and services will definitely ensure an unforgettable experience for you. Choose a yacht charter in Tulum with H2OH Sun Cruises for tasting paradise on an adventurous voyage.

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Riviera Maya Yacht Rentals

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with a premier Riviera Maya yacht charter

Puerto Morelos Yacht Rentals

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with a premier Puerto Morelos yacht charter at unbeatable prices.

Puerto Aventuras Yacht Rentals

Begin an unforgettable voyage with our exclusive Puerto Aventuras yacht charter, where luxury meets affordability!

Akumal Yacht Rentals

Sail away in style with our exclusive Tulum yacht charters, offering discounted rates for a limited time!

Playa Del Carmen Yacht Rentals

Experience pure luxury on a Playa Del Carmen yacht charter at unbeatable discounted rates

Tulum Yacht Rentals

Escape on a luxury Tulum yacht charter with discounted prices

What You Can and Can’t Do On A Tulum Yacht Charter

As you look forward to enjoying every bit of your experience at Yacht Charter Tulum, we are here to familiarize you with a simple set of guidelines regarding what you can and can’t do on a Yacht Carter Tulum. These set of rules will make sure that everyone is safe and free from any kind of unnecessary worries while they relish the taste of the sea breeze.

In addition to this set of rules, we will provide you with information regarding a couple of unforgettable trips, so that you can book your vacation in a well-informed way in accordance with your taste and requirements. 

What You Can Do On A Tulum Yacht Charter

  1. Keep Your Safety First: We would love to guide and prepare you for smooth sailing ahead! Our team of expert crew will familiarize you with a comprehensive safety briefing upon boarding.
  2. Treat It Like Your Home: As you step aboard our luxurious yacht, you will embrace the vibe of home away from home. We have designed every corner thoughtfully for your utmost comfort and relaxation. We will make sure that you feel free to unwind and create memories in a luxurious space.
  3. Customize Your Experience: You can sit down with our attentive crew and team to discuss all about your preferences and desires. Starting from beautiful routes to special amenities, you can ask about anything you like. Whether you are hoping to visualize a romantic sunset cruise or a nerve-wracking excursion, we promise to work tirelessly to make your wishes a reality.
  4. Barefoot Bliss for You: You are free to embrace the carefree spirit of yacht life as you explore the deck and the breathtaking views. You have the privilege to take off your shoes and feel the comforting, and sun-warmed surface beneath underneath your feet. We urge you to forget your worries and concerns as you enjoy reconnecting with the unbelievable beauty of the mystic sea.
  5. Respect the Crew: Our dedicated team and crew are always working tirelessly as the heart and soul of your enjoyable yacht charter voyage. With the help of their expertise and sincere hospitality, we promise to ensure that every second of your journey is filled with tranquil comfort and delight. Also, you can show your appreciation towards our crew by treating them with the respect they deserve.
  6. Let Us Tidy Up: You can just grab a seat and enjoy it as our dedicated crew proceeds to take care of all your requirements. Starting from ensuring cozy cabins for you and your family to maintaining dust-free deck spaces, we promise to work tirelessly to make sure your comfort and relaxation are steady throughout your journey.

What You Can’t Do On A Tulum Yacht Charter

  1. Legal Compliance: As responsible operators, we aim to strictly adhere to local laws, rules, and regulations. We would like to bring to your attention that participating in any form of illegal activities while onboard our yacht charter is strictly prohibited for you and others. It may result in severe consequences for both you and our team operating onboard. We would sincerely request all passengers to respect the law and proceed to conduct our behavior according to the legal requirements throughout the time period of their journey and voyage experience.
  2. Keep the Toilet Clean: A toilet on a cruise ship is not built in the same way as that of a household toilet. The pipelines and the structural set-up are unable to handle any kind of products such as toilet paper and may get clogged leading to inconvenient situations during the cruise. You may be charged a fine and the trip may be cut short if any kind of major inconvenience occurs due to the clogging of the pipeline of the toilets.
  3. Smoke Responsibly: Taking into consideration the comfort and well-being of all the guests, we have provided you with specifically designated smoking areas onboard our yacht charter. While enjoying our yacht services, we sincerely want you to practice responsible smoking habits and avoid smoking in risky areas or enclosed spaces. Shisha, hookah pipes, and other kinds of smokable substances are not allowed to maintain a pleasant environment for all the other passengers and crew members.
  4. Respect Boundaries: In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment onboard, we have specific areas of the yacht that we have designated as restricted access. We would kindly request you and your guests to avoid stepping into these restricted areas without proper permission to prevent accidents or disruptions related to the smooth sailing of the yacht. By respecting these boundaries, you can play the role of a responsible guest and greatly contribute to the overall safety of all the passengers and crew.
  5. Communication is the Key: Our experienced team and crew are here to make sure that your loved ones experience steady safety throughout the voyage. If you or your family members face any kind of concerns or issues, we encourage you to feel completely free to communicate directly with the captain or crew to get immediate solutions. It can be a minor inconvenience or a very serious issue, our crew is fully equipped to combat any kind of situation with dedicated professionalism, providing a good experience for you all the time.
  6. Crew Interaction: While our dedicated crew members on the yacht are completely committed to providing you with efficient service, it is required that all of the guests recognize our professional boundaries. While they are always on their toes to assist you, crew members should not be treated like guests attending a private party. Our whole team would sincerely request that you completely avoid inviting crew members to participate in your personal celebrations during the voyage, as their entire focus should be on ensuring the smooth sailing of all passengers.

By following these detailed guidelines, you can be a responsible guest and contribute to a safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience aboard our yacht charter Tulum at H2OH Sun Cruises. We are looking forward to your cooperation with lots of appreciation, respect, and a warm welcome aboard to provide a memorable adventure on the waters.

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We recommend treating your taste buds to a feast of flavors with our gourmet catering and beverage services. You can savor every bite and sip as you dine in style against the stunning backdrop of the mystic sea.

Let the gentle waves and the comforts of our yacht charter Tulum transport you to a state of total tranquility with lounging areas to luxurious cabins in the serenity of the wide blue sea. You can embrace the magic of the moment because here we work together with local organizations and communities towards a brighter future for the population nestled in Riviera Maya.

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