Are you a beach lover? Just imagine yourself on the golden sands of Puerto Vallarta, the sun kissing your skin with rhythmic sounds of waves in your ears. Puerto Vallarta attracts visitors with its appealing combination of breathtaking scenery, dynamic culture, and endless adventure. 

Ready to have a Mexico beach tour and discover the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta to visit in 2024? Come along with us as we reveal the hidden treasures to be explored along the sparkling coastline. The beaches of Puerto Vallarta provide something for everyone, whether you’re looking for quiet peace or thrilling water sports. But wait, there’s something more to elevate your beach experience! Rent a boat from H2OH Sun Cruises to add a little luxury and make your trip unforgettable by sailing away into the sunset.

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Top Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta

#1 Playa Las Gemelas

Blending in with the beautiful scenery of Puerto Vallarta’s coast, Playa Las Gemelas attracts tourists from all over the world with its familiarity and pure nature. This small beach, which stands out amongst the urban busy life, has a special escape for the tourists who want to just relax in the soothing sound of the melting waves and the warmth of sun-blessed sand. Playa Las Gemelas gives peace, surrounded by beautiful green nature and clean water. Remote shops further line the beach with customary foodstuffs and stuffed flowers scattered over the shoreline. Be it relaxing under the sea breeze with your favorite stories or going on thrill rides like diving into the sea depths, Playa Las Gemelas is your perfect seaside retreat.

#2 Playa de los Muertos

Located on the marvelous coast of Puerto Vallarta, Playa de los Muertos, also called “Deadmen Beach”, is a tranquil combination of history, nature, and mystery. The name of the beach has an old story of the long-gone era of the notorious pirates attacking all nearby villages enhancing the mysterious attraction of the village. Besides, its past beach remains one of the most popular destinations in Puerto Vallarta, attracting visitors with its soft sandy strips and swimming waves. The beach is situated along the shoreline and is dotted with popular restaurants that offer cold margaritas and authentic cuisine from the local food community. This beach welcomes eco-tourists who enjoy sea-based activities and those who just need to spend a day on the beach.

#3 Punta De Mita

The corner of the deep blue coast of Punta de Mita is a sea shell-shaped beach that has been endlessly inspiring visitors with its colorful, changing beauty. From soft beaches to rock cliffs carved by the regular rise and fall of the waves, this coastal beauty provides a diverse area shaped by the passage of seasons. The embrace of the Pacific invites visitors to beach walks and romantic occasions of tranquility. Beyond the waves’ rhythmic dance, however, the beach offers hidden gems like beach glass and puka shells that are just waiting for observant beachcombers to find them. Among the natural wonders, the black shape of breaching whales appears on the horizon, whose silhouette is a tribute to the depth of the ocean’s impressive life. If you are looking for a perfect holiday destination, this beach is a perfect hiding place where every moment will make you admire the beauty and color of nature.

#4 San Pancho

Boasting a gorgeous stretch of the Pacific coast, San Pancho appeals not only to tourists interested in short-term trips but also to travelers looking for a longer stay. The sand beaches of the sea stretch along the blue backdrop of a view providing tranquility against the sounds of bustling city life. Having a rich and diverse selection of restaurants offering their food to both foodies and tourists who are on a budget, they can get a taste of the sun-drenched atmosphere while enjoying delicious meals. Bus service is available from nearby Puerto Vallarta and other coastal towns to San Pancho, which is a great place for swimmers, and everyone looking for peace and quiet by the sea. 

#5 Gemelas

Right by the base of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Gemelas Beach stands as a beautiful place to visit along the coastline of the famous Puerto Vallarta. Dividing into a small twin beach, the clean and plump golden sands reflect the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Situated near a bus stop with a scenic ride, Gemelas becomes the perfect location just for a day of relaxing and swimming in the pool. Despite its popularity, Gemelas still holds peace, which is quite a surprise because it is one hot spot among the locals and tourists. Whether you want to just chill on the sand or you would rather explore the clear waters, Gemelas Beach can provide a rejuvenating break to anyone who visits.

#6 Playa Boca de Tomates

On the coastline of Puerto Vallarta, Playa Boca de Tomates is located in a peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of the town. As the salty winds flow through the palm trees, the golden sands shine on, attracting visitors to come and lay back to enjoy one of the many holiday vibes. There, the waves’ rhythm generates a soft melody that intermixes with the momentary laughter of the visitors. Personal experience that everyone has either been eating fresh seafood while sitting on one of the wooden chairs under the shade of the trees or walking on the shore. Playa Boca de Tomate is a paradise that has maintained the natural beauty and originality of the private beach lagoon despite its crowd of tourists.

#7 Playa Mismaloya

Located on the picturesque coastal shores of Mismaloya, Playa Mismaloya lures with its very clean sands and blue waters. The landscape of this beach is framed by both green vegetation and rugged cliffs to match. Moreover, it provides a soothing and quiet environment free from the city hustle. The gentle lapping of the waves makes a comforting noise track as the tourists sunbathe under a warm sun or walk at their pace along the shore. Playa Mismaloya is not just a location. It is an experience where one can merge with the natural beauty of Mexico’s towering coastline.

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Wrapping Up

Beaches In Puerto Vallarta provides various options to spend your leisure time in the best way. There’s something for everyone on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. No one returns with a reflection of sadness. All people have a face filled with joy and happiness. Experience luxury meets adventure on an extraordinary trip with H2OH Sun Cruises around Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful shores. Enjoy the pure peace of beautiful beaches, shimmering waters, and amazing views as you wander through the secret gems hidden around the coastline. There are a variety of options available for beaches to visit in 2024. Pick any from the above-mentioned Puerto Vallarta beach tours according to your preferences and enjoy every moment of the beauty of Puerto Vallarta’s beaches.

Discover the beaches of Puerto Vallarta in 2024 with the amazing yacht services of H2OH Sun Cruises. Rent a luxurious boat or yacht from H2OH Sun Cruises to elevate your beach vacation and make cherished moments as you sail around the beautiful shoreline. For the best coastline experience, make a booking immediately!