The ocean is a romantic setting that can be hypnotizing both for the newlyweds and for the sentimental words that are meant to be spoken. Think about the pleasant movement of the yacht, the sun going down to the limit of vision and the calm water around you as a kind of music that accompanies your life of love that you spend forever together. All-inclusive wedding yacht charters in Mexico provide an amazing and romantic atmosphere. And, therefore, one might wonder about either a unique and unforgettable celebration or a traditional wedding that is still romantic. In this article, you will get to explore the amazing wedding packages we offer for yacht charters, and why booking a trip to Mexico should be on your list.

Location Services

Riviera Maya Yacht Rentals

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with a premier Riviera Maya yacht charter

Puerto Morelos Yacht Rentals

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with a premier Puerto Morelos yacht charter at unbeatable prices.

Puerto Aventuras Yacht Rentals

Begin an unforgettable voyage with our exclusive Puerto Aventuras yacht charter, where luxury meets affordability!

Akumal Yacht Rentals

Sail away in style with our exclusive Tulum yacht charters, offering discounted rates for a limited time!

Playa Del Carmen Yacht Rentals

Experience pure luxury on a Playa Del Carmen yacht charter at unbeatable discounted rates

Tulum Yacht Rentals

Escape on a luxury Tulum yacht charter with discounted prices

Reasons Why People Should Plan Wedding on Yachts in Mexico

Breathtaking Scenery and Intimacy: The coast of Mexico, with its edges in sight, but its beauty beyond comprehension and a certain mysteriousness, involves that you hold an unforgettable and exotic wedding there. Being one of the perks of organizing a wedding private yacht charter Playa del Carmen or Tulum ensures to bless a couple with a fascinating background from the position of the Riviera Maya, which will make their wedding event unforgettable. An individualized yacht traveling celebration is a proper solution as it removes publicity since you will not witness the event in the presence of a significant number of people. In place, the ocean and your love story would have the unique and beautiful intimacy that only small venues can offer, which could only be present if you chose a yacht instead of the other types of venues.

Exclusivity and Personalization: The wedding on a yacht that takes place in Mexico could be a premeditated luxury activity to satisfy each couple’s special requirements. Given that yacht charters provide an opportunity for creating a more intimate feel, the mood is set in a way that is wonderfully romantic and unique for the couples while they can choose the details that benefit their taste and preference. Picking a venue is becoming more flexible than before with options beyond hotels and banquet halls. Interpersonal relations are developing around zoos, downtown streets, and exotic places and they all aim to envision the character of the couple.

Unforgettable Sunset Ceremonies: Mexico is a fantastic destination where the sun always sets. Each yacht wedding has an unbelievable opportunity to take advantage of the natural beauty of the sunset. This sunset has inhibited you from seeing the sky. However, this evening which will be the last but not the least as you take your final oaths ought to make everyone cheerful and excited. Just during your amazing wedding ceremony, the gorgeous colors of the sky will make the experience magical and add to the enjoyment of you and your guests.

Secluded and Serene Atmosphere: Wedding flights provide a refuge that is not accessible in the common wedding venue venues that can quickly turn noisy and busy. This is a perfect site for couples to end up at sea, where couples can not only fulfill their emotional needs, but also to actively disconnect from the whole world. This extraordinary environment accommodates the idea of an even fuller connection with your partner and a personalized celebration.

Unique Photo Opportunities: The possibility of a wedding on a yacht is to be taken advantage of by taking memorable photos. At the same time, the panoramic views of the coastline and candid shots set against the sea become perfect instances in every moment of our lives that are perfect for that Instagram timeline. Skilled photographers not only help highlight the beauty of your special day, but from their vantage point, they can also tell a uniquely relatable and visually stunning story. Hence, your wedding album can tell a story as extraordinary as the day.

Seamless Transition to Honeymoon: A chartered yacht wedding in Mexico becomes synonymous with a honeymoon, and the transition is seamless. Most private yacht Riviera Maya companies have different cruise options and extended stays on board that allow the newlyweds to head off on their honeymoon immediately after the ceremony. More and more couples discover their inner balance, making this transition from traditional to alternative wedding arrangements another attractive element that inspires more love and adventure.

Seamless Planning Process: The whole package of yacht companies usually has professional event planners specifically assigned to execute yacht weddings. These professionals can be good as the multipurpose staff members who can handle all the duties in the planning process including arranging vendors and transport, ensuring a simple and stress-free process for the couple.

Our Information and Packages

Sail to blissful love with H2OH Sun Cruises, the number one choice for  All inclusive Wedding Yacht Charters, and romantic retreats in the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum areas. Whether you dream of a sunset wedding aboard a private yacht or are looking for a very interesting wedding ceremony in the Caribbean waters, we specialize in designing a matchless experience that will suit your desires.

All Inclusive Wedding Packages

At H2OH Sun Cruises, we know that your wedding day is an expression of your true self and an opportunity to allow you to cherish the love you share with a special person. We aim to make it a day you will never regret having. Our all-inclusive wedding packages offer everything you need to create lifelong memories:

  • Upgrade – luxurious photo package including 100 edited pictures.
  • The couple had the privilege to listen to their prepared playlist while enjoying their first dance
  • Ship games – singing contests and drinking competitions
  • Transportation
  • Two-tier wedding cake
  • Freshly prepared meals
  • Unlimited open standard bar
  • Sparkling wine toast

Wedding Essentials

We are professionals with experience in hosting small weddings for just the couple and large gatherings of 50 to 80 guests. The array of services offered is to meet your every need. We have fully prepared and equipped with various qualities of sail-vessels and ships necessary for your trip and these include Pura Vida, Piratas de Tejas, and Dos Piratas.

Additional Services

While the main package contains all the essentials, couples who desire to add sparkle and tranquility to their day can opt for extra extras at an extra charge. From having on-site wedding coordinators to symbolic wedding officiants, our trusted network of local vendors will deliver you perfect plans and private yacht charter Playa Del Carmen.

Experience Your Unforgettable Wedding Cruise 

Reach out to us now and take the first step in organizing the most personal wedding of your dreams on board with our yacht charter in Mexico. We are available any time throughout the journey, ready to help you decide the most suitable boat and to create an all-encompassing offer that meets your demands. The H2OH Sun Cruises will be your perfect mate when you wish to hold a splendid and once in a lifetime wedding amazingly located in the Riviera Maya.

Why Choose H2OH

In H2OH sun cruises we offer our clients absolute security and guarantee that they will enjoy the most outstanding wedding experience on the turquoise waters of Riviera Maya, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. We are specialized in the ‘all-encompassing wedding package which is a symbol of luxury and romance at the same time’. The wedding can be held on a private yacht charter Tulum or the bride and groom can have a private pre-wedding party against the majestic background of the Caribbean Sea. Our team is highly committed to providing a wedding experience, in a relaxed and personalized way to your wishes. Onboard our H2OH Sun Cruises you will start your journey to a happy life, because we provide vessels that are the best by their standards.

Our wedding packages, comprehensive by nature, have been created to meet the heterogeneous needs and ambitions of every newly married couple. Individual symbolic ceremonies and big wedding receptions for up to 80 people deserve the same care and attention. We are ready to organize and manage your special day as best as possible. To meet our high standards, our business provides a varied romantic menu consisting of attractively presented food and drink, professional photography services, water activities, and karaoke at sea. On top of that, our team surpasses expectations when it comes to helping you, ranging from working with local experts to offering additional add-on services that increase the overall experience of your wedding day. 

Way Forward

Join us to embrace the genuine love journey amid an adventurous trip throughout your wedding with our affordable yacht charters all-around Mexico options. From the magnificent scenery of Playa del Carmen and Tulum to the tranquil conditions on the Riviera Maya, let H2OH Sun Cruises be your top option for the best enjoyment in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. Contact us now to make the dream wedding cruise and enjoy the ultimate celebration of love in the stunning backdrop of Mexico’s heavenly beaches.