Do they actually like that?

We all like to splurge a little bit on friends and family when we’re the lucky ones away on vacation. But sometimes, those fridge magnets with the little bottles of sand, that small package of mild “spicy salsas”, end up just collecting dust in a corner somewhere. Who said a vacation gift has to be generic?

Say you’re perusing the famous 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. To the left, there are those colourful wrap bracelets where you can have a name sewn in; to your right, felt sombreros bedazzled like an 80’s revival. Or even better, the chunky keychains that read “MEXICO”, with sea turtle bobbles and hanging starfish.

Vacation gift ideas like these can be cute- as a joke gift perhaps. Yet there’s something that people don’t often realize until they come and visit Mexico: there is a plethora of artisans and creatives making truly beautiful vacation gifts that are much more worthwhile! These are the gifts that last; handmade, artisanal, and reflect the beautiful artistry of Mexico.

Keep it artisanal and authentic!

Whether you’re staying in Playa del Carmen or Cancun, the town of Tulum is a short drive from either city and packed full of some amazing artisans and Mexican brands.

Looking for something special for that artsy friend? World By Hand has amazing home decor pieces easy to pack and under $100.00 USD.

Maybe you want to surprise your mom with some natural skincare products: La Madre Tierra has a cornucopia of all-natural skin and hair products in the heart of Tulum, Mexico

Go the holistic rout with Copal bundles from Wanderlust Tulum. While many beach boutiques and artisanal shops are targeted at women, In the Middle is an amazing clothing line for men.

The best gift comes from the heart

We hope you find that special gift you’re looking for! And while you’re here in paradise, treat yourself to the ultimate yacht experience.

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